Did you know? China

Did you know that the first Chinese student to study at the University of Glasgow arrived in 1886?

The first student was Hok Tang CHAIN from Foo-Chow (Fuzhou, Fujian Province) who studied Natural Philosophy and Chemistry in session 1886/7.

The first graduate, Vivian Ernest CHANG, born in Shanghai, was the son of the Secretary of the Chinese Legation in London and began his course of study in the summer of 1887 and graduated MBChB in 1895.



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2 responses to “Did you know? China

  1. Ying

    I know a Chinese oil painter – Liyishi ever studied physics in Glasgow University during 1912. his uncle is Li Baojia, famous for a criticisms novel “Records of Officialdom Exposure”

    • kamcdonald

      Thank you for the information, we will certainly look out for Liyi Shi’s matriculation, which may have a different spelling due to the later introduction of the pinyin system. For example, Wenjiang Ding matriculated as Ven Kiang Ting.

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