Eesti esimesi kaevandus-spetsialiste.

Karl August Feldveber (1897-1983) was one of the first Estonian Mining Engineers.

Oil shale mining in Estonia was still in its infancy when Feldveber was building his successful and innovative career around it. He received his education as a Mining Engineer abroad, at the Petrograd Mining Institute in Russia and at the University of Glasgow, as the possibility of gaining qualifications in that field did not yet exist in Estonia. After graduating with a BSc in 1922, he returned to Estonia to continue to research and work in his chosen field. Karl also became a lecturer at Tallinn University of Technology for six years until permanently emigrating at the time of Second World War (1944). He lived for a brief time in Germany, before settling in the United States (Los Angeles).

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any further information about Feldveber.

By Maarja Lall (History & Philosophy, 3rd yr of MA)


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