Scottish Chileans of Valparaíso

Following on from our previous post about the Mackay school,  whose first principal was Glasgow graduate, Peter Mackay, the University’s connections continued through the staff and pupils of that early Chilean school.

Herbert Hardy c.1906. The Union Church magazine, Valparaíso, April 1911. Courtesy of the Hardy Family.

Herbert Hardy was a pupil of the Mackay school and studied at the University of Glasgow in 1905. He was born in Valparaíso, one of six Hardy brothers, whose father, John William Hardy, was a paper merchant. John William Hardy established the firm Hardy Menelaus & Company, which at that time did business with many companies, among them the paper company, Wiggins Teape, at a time when paper making was in its infancy, but is now an important part of the economy of Chile. John William Hardy’s company continues to this day as the customs agency, Agencia de Aduanas I P Hardy y Cia Ltda.

And so back to 1900: Herbert Hardy was accompanied on his return to Scotland by former Glasgow graduate and teacher of the Mackay school, Isaac Winning. After two and a half years at the Glasgow Academy, Hardy was apprenticed to Kerr, Anderson & MacLeod Chartered Accountants, during which time he enrolled at the University to study Mercantile Law under William Shaw.

In 1910, Hardy, now a successfully qualified  Chartered Accountant, planned his return to his home of Valparaíso,where he would enter his new profession. According to the article from the Union Church newsletter of Valparaíso, dated April 1911, two days after receiving a confirmation cable to leave for Valparaíso by the Oronsa, sailing from Liverpool on the 20th April, Hardy died of a suspected  relapse following an operation  for Appendicitis – appendectomy being a new operation in those days.

Decendants of his siblings still live today in Valparaíso and also the USA, and have kindly provided the information for Herbert Hardy’s biography.


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