Keeping it in the Family—the Macleod Brothers

In today’s day and age, when young people decide to go away for university, they have a tendency of wanting to make it on their own and for some even to get away from their family.  This was not the case for Donald, Malcolm and John Macleod, three brothers from Winnipeg, Manitoba that attended the University of Glasgow in the 1930s.

Flag of Manitoba

Flag of Manitoba

While they may not have been the earliest Winnipeggers or Manitobans to attend the University of Glasgow, their stories are interesting nonetheless.  As children of Scottish immigrants, it is not that surprising that the brothers chose to return to Scotland to further their educations.  What is interesting is that they continued to stay together throughout their years at the University of Glasgow living together between 1936 and 1938.  This trend continued later on in life as well, which is a testament to the strong family connections and ties that these brothers cherished.

Donald's matriculation 1936-37

Donald’s matriculation 1936-37

Donald Murdo, the eldest of the three brothers, started at the University of Glasgow in 1934 at the age of 18.  Malcolm's matriculation 1936-37Malcolm Kenneth and John Daniel Maccalman joined him two years later starting their academic journeys in 1936 at the ages of 20 and 18 respectively.John's matriculation 1936-37  All of the brothers took similar classes with focuses on languages, history and literature (can kind of guess what careers they ended up in?).  All three of the brothers received the Carnegie Trust Grant for multiple years while attending the University, mostly at the same time. Donald graduated in 1938 and Malcolm in 1939 with MA’s in Arts.  John did not graduate until 1947, there is not a definitive reason why there was such a gap, but there might be a possible military connection there.  After their graduations, the brothers joined a tradition of Canadian international students deciding to stay in Scotland, effectively becoming expatriates.  They all made their careers as teachers in Dingwall, Scotland, living together for a number of years and essentially keeping it in the family.

If you know more about the Manitoban MacLeod brothers of Dingwall, or any other West Canada connections with the University, we’d be happy to hear from you.

By Sara Wright, MLitt History


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