Did you know? First Cameroonian student

Alex B Gwan-Nulla (DC225/1/49) The University welcomed its first Cameroonian student in 1946, Alexander Baba Gwan-Nulla.

Dr Gwan-Nulla obtained his MBChB in 1952, and Diplomas in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene and Public Health from the Universities of Liverpool and London respectively before returning to Cameroon as a Chief Medical Officer in the Medical Division of the Cameroon Development Corporation, in Bota, Victoria.




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2 responses to “Did you know? First Cameroonian student

  1. Thank you for the above story about Dr A. B GwanNulla. I am his daughter, I live in the USA. I was just wondering if you were aware of his passing in May of 2005 in Cameroon? He was a great man and a loving dad.

    • kamcdonald

      Hello Chantal, it is always lovely to hear from family of our historic alumni! The University did hear about the passing of your father, and our first Cameroonian student, on 23 May 2005, through our Development and Alumni Office. We have recorded this information in his University biography.
      If you would like to stay in touch with the University, Development and Alumni would be happy to add your onto their mailing lists.
      Thank you again for getting in touch with us – and you are always welcome to peruse your father’s student records held at the University Archives.
      Best wishes,

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