First US West Coast Graduate of the University of Glasgow a Published Novelist

Sent special delivery from Oxford University’s Bodleian Library, the royal blue hardback arrived in a battered padded envelope. In simple, gold lettering; Smoky Pass, Aubrey Boyd.

The novel’s author, Aubrey Fair Boyd, was the University’s first student to have been born on the American West Coast.

Aubrey Fair Boyd, Editor of GUM 1910-11
DC198/1/18 (Vol. 24, No. 17, p. 437)

Born in Seattle on 4 September 1890, Aubrey came to Glasgow in 1908 and graduated with an Arts degree in 1914. In his time as a student, he published several short stories in the Glasgow University Magazine and served as its Editor from 1910-1911.

Smoky Pass was first published in 1932 and told of the adventures of Ed Maitland. A young boy living in turn of the century Seattle, Ed finds himself in a row boat surrounded by Frenchmen of more than questionable character. In true Wild West fashion, the adventure takes the gang all the way to a Mountain Pass and the hide-out of the infamous outlaw Buck Tracy.

Fiona’s full Blogathon entry can be found here.

By Fiona Scott, Scottish Literature and French (MA)


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