First Bolivian student at the University of Glasgow

The University’s first Bolivian student was Federico La Faye (or Lafaye) who was Consul of Bolivia at Glasgow from 1918. He enrolled that year at the University, aged 27, to study Political Economy for three years under Professor William Scott. And during his honours year (1920-21), he was joined by the Chilean Consul at Glasgow, Tomas de la Barra Fontecilla.

Image of Octavio La Faye from

Image of Octavio La Faye from

La Faye was born in Cochabamba around 1891 and  was the son of General Octavio La Faye López, a general in the Bolivian Army.

Federico is not to be confused with the Federico Lafaye who assassinated President Agustín Morales in 1872. [That Federico Lafaye was of Irish origin and was the nephew of Morales’ wife].

So who was the Consul Federico La Faye? Please get in touch if you have any further information!

Feliz día de la Independencia Boliviana!


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