Glasgow Commonwealth 2014 – The Queen’s Baton Relay

Commonwealth FlagToday sees the start of the Queen’s Baton Relay from Buckingham Palace: 288-days journeying through the Commonwealth, covering over 190,000 kilometres. The majority of us will see the coverage of the Baton’s progress on the television – and we have a former Glasgow student to thank for that.

The International Story will be embarking on its own journey of the Commonwealth countries today with the first induction of new Club21 Commonwealth Country editors. Follow this blog for highlights of their individual projects as they progress.

The Queen's Baton

 First stop India on 11 October 2013. But in the meantime, we’ll leave you to read more about the hand-crafted Baton made of titanium, wood and granite and its place in Scotland’s rich Design Heritage here and mill over Glasgow’s influence, and the University of Glasgow’s influence in particular, on some of those pioneering designers, engineers and architectures, from a mathematical instrument maker to a Clyde shipbuilder.



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