Queen’s Baton Relay arrives in Bangladesh

For the arrival of the Baton in Bangladesh today (14.10.2013) – here’s a quick fact on the University’s early links with that country:

Bangladesh became an independent country in 1971, with its modern-day borders being set in 1947 with the partition of Bengal and British India. However, based on those modern day borders, our earliest student from Bangladesh was Pyari Mohan Gupta who graduated MB CM in 1880.

Gupta was born around 1854 at Dacca, Bengal, India, modern day Dhaka, capital city of Bangladesh, son of a landowner. At the time of his birth, Bengal was ruled by the Najafi dynasty and was under the administration of the East India Company, but was soon passed to the Crown after the bloody Sepoy Mutiny of 1857.

Pyari Mohan Gupta is thought to have returned to Dhaka – and with no sign of him in the medical directories (well, those of 1904 and 1914 at least), our search is temporarily halted until we can get down to the India Office Records at the British Library! In the meantime, if any one can help us find out where his life/career took him, please get in touch.


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