The Maldives takes the Baton

It’s the turn of the Maldives to receive the Queens Baton today (21.10.2013), and our turn to reflect on our historic connections with that particular island nation in the Indian Ocean that gained independence in 1965.

Unable to trace any direct historic connections with the Maldives through our alumni until 1965 (since then we have welcomed four students from the Maldives), it would be a good time to introduce the University’s International Heritage project,  which is currently collating the University’s international collections.

The Collections tab of the Maldives country profile brings up this map of the Indian Ocean published in Sieur Jean de Lacombe’s A Compendium of the East, in 1861 (English version of 1937 held at Special Collections Sp Coll f296). If you can peel your eyes away from the menacing fish, the Maldives appear on the bottom left-hand corner.


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