Baton sails on to the Solomon Islands

The Baton should sail in to the Solomon Islands today (08.11.2013) – Alumnus, Nathaniel Crichlow, MBChB 1913, also sailed in and around the Solomon Islands from 1914.

Crichlow in Medical Final Year Dinner Book 1908-13 (DC225/1/11)

Trinidadian-born Crichlow served as Medical Officer over a period of 30 years in the Solomon Islands. Based on the islands of Tugali and Shortland, Crichlow also sailed on the MV Hygeia, in order to make his rounds, supervising the health of plantation labourers.  In 1921 he published A brief of medical guide for the layman on the recognition, treatment and prevention of the common diseases of the Solomon Islands.

According to the Solomon Islands Historical Encyclopaedia 1893-1978, Crichlow was “the second-longest-serving member of the pre-war administration, as government Medical Officer (1914-1923) and District Medical Officer (1923-1942), before being evacuated when the Second World War (q.v.) threatened the Protectorate.” He was awarded an MBE in 1946 in recognition of his services there.


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