The Friendly Islands of Tonga

The Baton arrives today (09-12-2013) in Tonga.

Named the Friendly Isles by Captain Cook as a result of the congenial reception accorded to him and his crew on their first landing there in 1773, we look to the International Heritage project for our connections with that country.

Boats of the Friendly Isles

Boats of the Friendly Isles

The University’s Special Collections holds a copy of James Cook, A voyage towards the South Pole, and round the world. (London: printed for W. Strahan & T. Cadell, 1777, vol. 3, plate XLII), in which the illustrations of William Hodge includes boats of the Friendly Isles.

Other artifacts from Tonga are held by The Hunterian and include an octopus lure (GLAHM E.176)  and a head rest or ‘sleeping stool’ (GLAHM E.441/3):


GLAHM E. 441/3

– you can read further information on these collections here.


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