Baton Reaches Ghana

Today the Baton heads for Ghana today (03.01.2014), and we look to our first Ghanian student:

Francisco Ribeiro (DC225/1/13)

Francisco Ribeiro (DC225/1/13)

Francisco Ribeiro graduated MBChB in 1915. He was born at Accra, then British West Africa, and modern day Ghana. He was the son of Jose Francisco, a supervisor of Her Majesty’s Customs on the Gold Coast, and a returnee of the former West African slave community of Brazil.

While at the University, Ribeiro was an active member of the African Races Association (ARA) of Glasgow, and served as their chairman during a time of unrest around the ports of Glasgow on account of the post-war employment, housing and pensions situation. (see Jacqueline Jenkinson’s article “Black Sailors on Red Clydeside: rioting, reactionary trade unionism and conflicting notions of ‘Britishness’ following the First World War).

Ribeiro appears to have returned to Ghana, but we lose trace of him after that and he does not appear in the Medical Directories. If anyone can provide further information as to where his career may have taken him, please get in touch.


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