Early Nigerian connections

With the Baton arriving today (05.01.2014) in Nigeria, we consider the many historical connections the University has with Nigeria. These stem from the mid-nineteenth century, when students such as William Cooper Thomson (MA 1858) and John Ferguson Gartshore (MA 1884), undertook missionary work at Old Calabar, modern day Akwa Akpa, which was then the most important town in the east of the country and developed under an influential Efik-Scots community.

The port city of Lagos soon eclipsed Akwa Akpa as it was established as the centre of the colonial administration in 1906, and one former medical student, William MacGregor served as governor of the Lagos Colony from 1899-1904. Continuing into the twentieth century, Geography lecturer, John Downie Falconer, was Principal of the Mineral Survey of Northern Nigeria in 1904 and returned there in 1916 to take up an appointment as Director of the Geological Survey of Nigeria from 1918 to 1927.

It was around this time that the first Nigerian students graduated from the University:

James Churchill Vaughan (DC225/1/16)

James Churchill Vaughan (DC225/1/16)

Isaac Ladipo Oluwole (DC225/1/16)

Isaac Ladipo Oluwole (DC225/1/16)

James Churchill Vaughan and  Isaac Lapido Oluwole, who graduated MB ChB in 1918 and returned to Nigeria where they would make significant contributions in the area of health and politics.

They were to be the first of many Nigerian graduates of Glasgow who made improvements upon their return to their home country.


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