Educational links with Uganda

As the Baton Relay moves into Uganda (14.01.2014), our story of the University’s educational links with that part of Africa continues…

We should start by mentioning the first Uganda-born student to attend the University in 1926, which was Enid Lilian Weatherhead. She was born in Kampala around 1902 and was the daughter of clergyman Henry Walter Weatherhead, a CMS missionary in Uganda between 1896 and 1912, who set up and headed one of the first centres of higher learning in Uganda, King’s College Budo in 1906. According to Wiki, “since independence in 1962, three out of eight Ugandan Presidents and many members of the royal families of Buganda […] have been Budonians.” Ironically Weatherhead’s school was for boys only – it wasn’t until 1933 when girls were eventually admitted.


Julius Nyerere, President of Tanzania awards Lamont his honorary degree (Accn1468-2-5)

Direct educational links were formed with Uganda when Makerere College Kampala, one of the oldest universities in Africa (established in 1922), appointed William Dawson Lamont, as their Principal in 1946. Canada-born Lamont graduated MA in 1925 from the University of Glasgow, where he remained until 1939 as lecturer of Moral Philosophy. It was after his WWII service that Lamont accepted the position of Principal through the British Council. He was tasked with raising the level of Makerere College to meet with university standards, and was recognised as having successfully done so when in 1963, when Makerere College became part of the University of East Africa and gained the power to confer their own degrees, Lamont was the first to be awarded an honorary DPhil. The ceremony he attended was the first at which native students could be given ordinary degrees from their own university, and he shared the honour with Jomo Kenyatta, the first Prime Minister of Kenya, who received an LLD.

Lamont, Kenyatta, and Nyerere (Accn1468-8-17)

Lamont, Kenyatta, and Nyerere (Accn1468-8-17)

Although Lamont had returned to Glasgow in 1949, he retained strong links with East Africa, to which his extensive archive attests. Lamont’s papers are held by the University of Glasgow Archive Services Accn 1468


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