Savy family from the Seychelles

The Baton today (21.01.2014) arrives one of the 115 islands that make up the Seychelles, which has the smallest population of any African state.

The first Seychellois students, born on the main island of Mahé, were the Savy brothers, descendants of the French settlers who arrived at the islands in the 18th century. Louis France Marcel Savy, and Joseph Henri Napoléon Félix Savy were both educated at Saint Louis College and enrolled together at the University of Glasgow in 1905 after being the first students awarded an independent Seychelles scholarship in 1902, which enabled them to study either at the Royal College of Mauritius or in the UK.

Louis studied Engineering and graduated BSc in 1908, but sadly died in 1915 at Farnham, Surrey. Joseph enjoyed a longer life than that of his brother.

Joseph Henri Napoleon Felix Savy MB ChB 1910 (DC225/1/8)

Joseph Henri Napoleon Felix Savy MB ChB 1910 (DC225/1/8)

He graduated MB ChB from the University in 1910 and MD in 1930, and became a pioneer in pneumothorax (collapsed lung) treatment in Scotland. His graduation was delayed by the First World War, during which he served as a captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps, specialising in the treatment of tuberculosis.  As one of the founder members of the Tuberculosis Society of Scotland, Savy is, however, still considered ‘a famous Seychellois pioneer against tuberculosis’.

Further members of the Savy family came to study at the University of Glasgow during the 1930s and 1950s. If you know more about the Savy family of the Seychelles, who, according to a recent article from the Telegraph travel section, are still thriving, we’d be happy to hear from you.



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2 responses to “Savy family from the Seychelles

  1. sophola

    I am trying to find Francis Savvy who was probably in Seychelles in the 1960’s he is my Grandfather. This post seems very interesting and a lot like it could be information from his family tree. Please could you help?

    • Administrator

      Sorry for the delay in replying and thank you for getting in touch!
      Please e-mail your enquiry to providing as much information about your Grandfather as possible and the information you are hoping to find then we can see if we have more information to share. We will be able to answer your enquiry within 20 working days.

      Thanks again and best wishes

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