Trading with St Vincent & The Grenadines

The Baton docks at St Vincent & The Grenadines today (14.03.2014).

The University holds connections with St Vincent and the Grenadines from around the time when St Vincent was ceded to the British under various Treaties from 1763. If you have been following the Caribbean country blog posts, it will come as no surprise that these connections come from trade. More precisely, the students were, in the main, the sons of merchants who were sent to the University to undertake short Arts courses – as was the pattern throughout the eighteenth and into the early twentieth centuries.

The sons of merchant William Walker of St Vincent first came in 1772; the son of Charles McIndoe merchant of St Vincent attended later in 1831; and in 1903 the son of Lewis Porter, retired merchant of St Vincent cam to study Mercantile Law. Although a lectureship in Mercantile Law was instituted at the University in 1894, the Chair was founded much later in 1919.

If you know anymore about our links with St Vincent & The Grenadines or the individual students listed on the web page, please get in touch.


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