Sugar links with St Lucia

The Baton arrives today (16.03.2014) on the island of Saint Lucia. The island had been inhabited for centuries by the Arawaks and later by the Caribs before the European settlers arrived. The first camp was started by the Dutch, and later both the English and French fought over the island, with the flag changing 14 times between 1660 and 1814. Saint Lucia was made an official French crown colony in 1674, but the British finally took possession of the island under the Treaty of Paris in 1814.

During these times the sugar industry on the island developed significantly and this also seems to be the period where the first connections with Glasgow stem from. The sons of Pierre Marucheau the owner of sugar plantations ‘Retraite’ and ‘Black Bay’ in St Lucia all attended the University from 1830. Clermont, Anthony and Jules Marucheau matriculated in 1830, 1831 and 1837 respectively to study Arts courses.  Jules Marucheau was the only one to graduate from the University, gaining a medical degree in 1844.

If you know any more connections with St Lucia, contact us.

By Jani Jarnfors, MA Digital Media & Information Studies, Caribbean Commonwealth, Club21


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