The rock of Gibraltar

The University’s links with Gibraltar or simply the Rock (el Peñón) can be summed up best in the staff member, Naval Architect and Structural Engineer, David Faulkner, who was John Elder Professor of Naval Architecture from 1973 to 1995. He is representative of the many of the students and staff with an association to Gibraltar who appeared to naval or maritime industry.

Having been an important Royal Navy base, Gibraltar certainly influenced the choice of careers for many. Faulker, born in Gibraltar, became a high-ranking naval constructor and an authority on submarine structural design problems.

From our heritage collection, Gibraltar is also shown as a port of call on the Anchor Line routes to Asia via the Suez Canal.

Anchor Line poster RMS Circassia off Gibraltar (UGD255/1/40/4)

Anchor Line poster RMS Circassia off Gibraltar (UGD255/1/40/4)

And once last unfortunate, although ironic, story about student link from Addison, who writes of student John Thomson (matriculated in 1773): “Became a soldier, and was killed by falling from a rock at Gibraltar.” A rock, or the rock, we don’t know.


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