The University’s International Story during WWI

With new Club21 student interns having just started on their projects on international students at the University in and around the War years, one question that came up was ‘What was the student population of Glasgow around the outbreak of the war?’

According to ‘University, city and state : the University of Glasgow since 1870‘ (Moss, Munro & Trainor, 2000), it was estimated that between 1913-14, around 2916 students were matriculated at the University:

Based on the current overseas student database based on matriculation slips, the number of ‘overseas students’ matriculated at that time was around 135, which is approximately 4.6% of the total student population.

This seems like a low figure, particularly when looking at photos from the Engineering & Naval Architecture departments in 1913-1914:

Engineering & Naval Architecture 1913-1914 (Accn173/11/7/1b)

Engineering & Naval Architecture 1913-1914 (Accn173/11/7/1b)

We hope in the coming months to be able to establish a more accurate figure based on the results of the International Story.



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