Maintaining shipbuilding links through archives

A visit from Vestfoldarkivet, the only professional archive institution in Vestfold, Norway, again highlights the international draw of Glasgow’s shipbuilding history – as well as the draw of the University’s Archive Services.

With collections related to shipping and a project to catalogue the archive created by Framnes shipyard in Sandefjord, Vestfoldarkivet embarked on a field trip of archives in the UK with experience in that area. And the University of Glasgow Archive Services were able to pass on their expertise in the preservation of large shipyard collections, and also a few other gems of knowledge about our countries shared connections.

In their blog post,  Vestfoldarkivet noted one of the links very close to home: The company N. Bugge, whose archives are held by Vestfoldarkivet, had their ships built at Lithgow Ltd.,  held at Glasgow Archive Services.

It is also a coincidence that the earliest student from Norway at the University of Glasgow that we have so far been able to establish was from Vestfold. Hans Blom Olsen, who matriculated in 1880 aged 26 to study Senior Engineering, was born in Larvik, a town in the county of Vestfold.

More interesting links between the University and its links with Norway have still to be uncovered, so please get in touch if you have anything to add to our story.


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