Bahamian Independence

Here at Archive Services, we are in a particularity celebratory mood – not just because of the imminent Commonwealth Games or the International Story GRAB lunch  on 4 Aug – but we are having an authentic celebration of Bahamas Independence Day led by our colleague, Antoinette Seymour.

Anto with Dr Farrington’s matriculation slip

Anto with Dr Farrington’s matriculation slip

Antoinette has come to us from her home in the Bahamas as an affiliate member of staff. After graduating MSc Information Management & Preservation from Glasgow University in 2010, Antoinette now works for the University of The Bahamas and is responsible for establishing the archives in her institution.

Anto with Dr Farrington's matriculation slip

Anto with Dr Farrington’s matriculation slip

Antoinette, along with all of her other activities at Archive Services, has been helping our Club21 International Story editor, Poppy, to shed light on our connections. Poppy wrote a blog post on the early missionary links, and also an overview of our connections that appears on the Bahamas country page of the website.

The Bahamas gained their independence from the UK on 10 July 1973, forty-one years ago, and remains as a member of the Commonwealth of Nations – and we hope to see them in action at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.  We continue to learn from Antoinette about everyday life and customs in the Bahamas; from the Junkanoo street parades to the paddling pigs.

Happy Bahamas Independence Day!


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