Glasgow Firsts

This section aims to provide interesting facts and figures of an international nature about the University of Glasgow.

Get in touch if you have any interesting snippets to contribute to the University of Glasgow’s International Story!


2 responses to “Glasgow Firsts

  1. I wonder why Pakistan does not appear under ‘Alumni & Staff by country’?
    I am an alumnus (originally from Pakistan) of the University of Glasgow M.Sc.1988 and Ph.D. 1991, and currently an Honorary Lecturer in the Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine, School of Life Sciences at UoG. I and my husband Peter Meadows (also an Honorary Lecturer at UoG) work as a wife and husband team and have long-term experience of academic and research links with universities in Pakistan. I am also the Chairperson of the Scottish Pakistani Association.

    • kamcdonald

      Thank you for your feedback. The blog only highlights some of the ongoing projects that are being undertaken by the project manager and the voluntary Student Editors (since April 2012), and therefore there are plenty of countries still to be mentioned. However, I am glad you mentioned Pakistan as only this week our new Student Editor, Saira Naheem, has started to research our earliest connections with Pakistan, and your name was mentioned, Dr Meadows. I am sure Saira will be in touch with you to find out more, and thank you again for contacting us.

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