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First international professor & pioneering geologist

Henry Darwin Rogers (UP1/17/1)

Henry Darwin Rogers (UP1/17/1)

Philadelphia-born Henry Darwin Rogers (1808-1868) was perhaps the first international (overseas) professor employed at the University of Glasgow.

He directed geological surveys of New Jersey in 1835 and Pennsylvania in 1836, becoming a freelance geologist and moved to Scotland in 1855.  He was appointed to the Chair of Natural History from 1857, a position he held until his death in 1866. Rogers was also responsible for the care of the Hunterian Museum. His brother, William Barton Rogers, with whom he had founded two high schools in the US,  was founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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On the penguin trail in the Falkland Islands

The Baton arrives on the Falkland Islands today ( 27.02.2013), whose most famous residents may be the penguins.

And so it’s a penguin-related artefact that provides the University’s link to that group of islands in the south-west Atlantic Ocean:


Held by The Hunterian, the polished and grooved surface of this specimen of sandstone is the result of the passage of thousands of penguin feet over it. It was acquired by Glasgow-born mining engineer David Ferguson (c.1857–1936) during geological survey expeditions to the southern Atlantic islands and Antarctica in 1911–15. Ferguson also featured in a previous post ‘A ‘cool’ article on Antarctic expeditions and a Glasgow graduate geologist‘.

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